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Dr. Frankenspud
Current Progress of Dinky Dungeon
Date: Jun 25, 2007 10:37:58 AM PDT
Author: Dr. Frankenspud

June 2008
-fixed bug which prevented 'End of Game' victory screen
from showing.
-Latest version is 1.0

February 2008
-Finished final level
Still want to improve cosmetics, etc...

January 2008
-Finishing final level
hope to be done by February

September 30, 2007
Armour doesn't keep increasing.
Yellow pearl doesn't disappear.
Monsters now stay off teleport squares.
Stats show change when pearl found.
Body scroll now increases body.
No imps on boss levels.

September 22, 2007
Ghostie Girls Pearl now works.
Tuff skin scroll fixed.
Dropped items appear above chests.
Dungeon placement fixed on return after save.
Monsters don't overlap.
Advisor gold increases with level.
Added sixth boss - Drako.

August 26, 2007
Sage and Priest items are now persistent.
Temple Apprentice doesn't block your path.
Gate stays open on saved levels.
Monsters move OVER not under chests.
Character position not Top left after loading saved game.
Pearl levels cannot be left without first grabbing Pearl.
Character name appears on game screen.
Fixed yet more townspeople talking bugs.

August 12, 2007 - Latest Version is 0.7.8
Added 5th boss - Ghostie Girls (level 34)
fixed bug in town walking through people
If you die in a boss level it shouldn't skip the level - really

August 5, 2007 - Latest Version is 0.7.7
Added 4th boss - Lord Ick (level 26)
fixed bug in town walking through people
buying 5 food actually gives you 5 food (thanks Adriana)
If you die in a boss level it shouldn't skip the level
Reduced monster strength on most boss levels.
Added new original town music from Alexandre Fracalanza
Travassos (thanks Alex)

July 29, 2007 - Latest Version is 0.7.6
- Added 3rd boss - the Flame Queen (level 18)
- fixed problem with score dropping after a save
- added a bit more character dialogs with townsfolk
- added extra gifts from townsfolk
- fixed level 6 cheat (used items no longer return if save
made in level 6)

July 22,2007 Version is 0.7.5
- Added 2nd Boss on level 12 (the Wyrm).
- Added Fishwife's Gem.
- Added Farmer's discovery.
- Added Info to 'How To' screens.
- Added a little more townsfolk dialog.

July 16 ---- adding another boss level (12)
---- adding more townspeople dialogs
---- adding more 'note' content on clue notes
---- adding more NPC's

July 15,2007 Latest Version is 0.7.4
- Changed orientation of weapon sprites
(Thanks to David Spinney)
- Added numbers "(1)" beside items to rank their strength
(Thanks to David Spinney)
- Changed "Death" screen to indicate only HALF gold and
food is lost (Thanks to David Spinney)
- Removed ultra annoying "loading" sound
(Thanks to David Spinney)
- Fixed music volume - off should really be off now.
(Thanks to David Spinney)
- Fixed Bug that prevented proper loading from a save on
level 6

July 14,2007
- Addressing the saving bug on level 6
- Adding another boss level on level 12
- Adding Hall of Fame to website

July 01,2007 - Latest Version is 0.7.3
-Added the first of 6 Bosses - Oggie the Ogre.
-Fixed (I think) Loading Bug

June 25
-Working on adding the first of 6 Bosses - Oggie the
He will be guarding the first Pearl.
-Adding more dialog with townsfolk.
-Adding clue notes
-Adding a few more Friendly Dungeon characters

June 24 released .07.2 addressed some minor bugs
Last modified by Dr. Frankenspud on Jun 15 2008 5:49PM

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