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Dr. Frankenspud
Progress Report on Future Development
Date: Jun 23, 2007 11:26:59 PM PDT
Author: Dr. Frankenspud

Except for a few bug fixes!

Feb 2008

FINISHED - Hooray!!!!!!!

Sep 22 - Oct. 14
-many bug fixes - DONE
-Plan to add last boss - DONE
-add more townsfolk dialog
-add more special items
-add a few higher level quests
-Add save 'slots' for multiple saved games. (Thanks Alex)
-Add 'load' button to main home interface. (Thanks Alex)

Aug. 12 - Aug 26
-Plan to add last boss
-add more townsfolk dialog
-Add save 'slots' for multiple saved games. (Thanks Alex)
-Add 'load' button to main home interface. (Thanks Alex)
-Many bug fixes.

June 30 - Aug 10
Plan to add 1 more Bosses (4) - DONE
add more townsfolk dialog
Add save 'slots' for multiple saved games. (Thanks Alex)
Add 'load' button to main home interface. (Thanks Alex)

June 23-30
Plan to add 2 more Bosses (3&4)
add more townsfolk dialog

June 12
This week I will be fixing a few minor bugs and a couple of
ones. Next week I plan to add the first of 6 bosses you
to defeat to get one of the Pearls of Wisdom.
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love it
Date: Dec 15, 2007 4:47:27 PM PST
Author: Sarah

Hi, just been playing the 7.7 version and I just love it. It is so quirky and cute. I love the way you can die but continue on playing as I love exploring the mazes. Question: Have you ever considered/is it possible to give a character X amount of lives to start with and then they could add lives through magic potions, or by scoring the pearls or something like that? I love the game how it is, but having that kind of option might make it a bit more of a challenge. Thank you for all your efforts to entertain. If you ever come to Australia, I'll shout you a coffee *and* a meal.


Dr. Frankenspud
Date: Dec 21, 2007 10:00:52 AM PST
Author: Dr. Frankenspud

Thanks Sarah! I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you are
having fun with it. I hope to have everything finished in the
New Year. Good idea about the lives.....


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